term used to refer to your significant other
Something yopu would say to someone hitting on your girl/guy. "Back up off my koolaid"
by menthol4life December 06, 2007
Codename for an alcoholic beverage when virgin ears are present.
"Yo Scooter, don't forget to pick up some of that Kool-aid after work today"
by shaggie August 08, 2006
The ether of the African-Americans.
Most black people are powerless without a flask of kool aid. This powerful potion gives the black man his pride, spirit, his love, his ability to run fast, his strut, his dignity, his talk, his walk, and all around blackyness. Without Kool-aid an African-American is just another guy. No blackman should travel without his flask of kool-aid. Some black people rely on it so much they inject it into their veins.
The greatest thing in powdered form since cocaine.
these bitches used up all the kool-aid
by Frank White, King of New York April 18, 2010
1. someone's space
2. my space
3. my koolaid
"Dont think you can get all up in mah koolaid because you got expelled and went to another school. mofo."

"get outta my koolaid bitch"
by NinjaTurtleMaster November 03, 2009
Alcohol when you don't want the kids or parents to know you are getting loaded.
Little Tommy will never drink or do drugs. Wright Tommy? Now be a good little boy and fill mommies glass with some more kool aid.
by fuck you two August 22, 2010
anyone's main squeeze...boy/girl friend
i can't believe this kat is tryin to dip into my kool aid!
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
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