*1The best drink known to mankind.

*2Can also be mixed with vodka, for those with a taste for alcohol.
*3Not-so-crafty ad campaign, sponsored by KoolAid
#1 Dude, I just had some Kool Aid! :]
#2 Dude, I just had some Kool Aid with vodka! Yum! :]
#3 Yeah, that commercial was just like a Kool Aid ad, boring, unoriginal, and cheesy. :/
by kayte :] May 11, 2009
the energy drink for niggas who want gratuitous amounts of sugah
hey! do you wanna feel so black!? Drink kool aid! the energy drink for niggas who want gratuitous amounts of sugah!
In new flavors like turquaz, its turquaz energy, its like adding water to a sugar rush! sound the alarm! your gonna be uncomfortably ghetto fabulous!
what's that? you want milk? well how about chocolate milk! its black, not brown! hoops! you'll be good at it! Its an energy drink for niggas! Niggajee!...

-koolaid, black powerthirst
by Lord Damon Achuine March 08, 2009
According to Dane Cook, Kool Aid is a big talking bowl of punch wearing tights who breaks through your walls screaming "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" Most children love the giant bowl of punch, but Dane wants Kool Aid man to fix his wall before his dad comes home and beats him with a toaster.
Damn that stupid bowl of punch broke through my wall again!
Fuck that Kool Aid man!
by Dana T. May 21, 2008
Powdered, mixable drink. Often referred to as Kiddie Crack, Special K, or Cult Punch. Flavours are never referred to as actual foods, just the colours they are, probably due to the fact that it's just dyed sugar. Except when you mix it in water, it tastes like fucking WATER. They make you add 4 bags of damn sugar until it actually is just coloured sugar! Who the hell makes kool aid anyways?
Kid 1: Hey, you got any kool aid?
Kid 2: Hell yeah man, I've got blue, purple, and red.
Kid 1: Well damn, blue sounds good.
Kid 2: Chyea, gettin' hopped up on the K.
by Hextacy December 24, 2006
Something to temporarily die your hair with. Works very well and stays in for about 5 days. Stays in longer if you have platinum blonde hair.
I died my platinum blonde hair red for halloween with Kool Aid. Now, on the 11 of november, my hair still has a pink tint.
by Ka November 11, 2004
Everyone loves kool aid the same - Black people drink it more often because you cant notice the stain on there lips - compared to lighter skinned people, and that stain is hard to move with out messing up the skin on your lips
Black guy: You want some kool aid
White guy: i would but it makes my lips bright red or dark purple
Black guy: You want something else
White guy: Ill have a mountain dew or monster energy drink if you got one.
by Charlie Sheen7gramrocks September 10, 2011
A new word referring to weed
you have the koolaid?
by koolaid365 May 25, 2011

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