1) a drink stereotypically referd to what black people drink.
2) a persons area/space

1- that nigga' was drinkin some kool aid.
2- that skank was all up in ma kool aid, but ma crew gave me da 411 and shes all bout the bling bling.
by smakydafrog December 08, 2005
1) Cheap and tasty flavored drink
2) Yo bitch
1) pass that kool-aid nigga!
2) Get off my kool-aid motha fucka!
by MrGrinch August 07, 2003
Water + Sugar = Kool Aid.
I was so poor in college the only thing I could afford to drink other than water was Kool Aid.
by Thordaddy June 28, 2010
1.A black mans drink.

2.That one dood who breaks into your house and steals your shit, and tries to get into your pants by saying "Oh yeah".
1.You best back off my koolaid or ill cut you. Nigguh i aint playin, ill cut you.

2.I dont really have one for this one but the definition was awesome.
by Chlamydia infested hoe monkey April 27, 2008
Kool-Aids is a viscious flesh eating virus that is contracted by consuming, wheter through inhalation or oraly, "out of date Kool-Aid. Symptoms include spitting, vomiting, diherea, nose bleed, penile disfunction, headache, nausia, temporary blindness, yelling at people for having out of date Kool-Aid in the house and or area, and the most horrible of penile dismemberment. Also your flesh starts to fall from your body.
Nigga get yo Kool-Aids away from me!
by D-Unit 01 December 22, 2005
1. cheap nigganomically feasible juice of an ambiguous flavor

2.a fat woman or man wearing red

3.a mans hot girlfreind
1."can a nigga get some kool aid up in this bitch"

2."look at yo fat ass in that red shirt lookin like kool aid"

3."get off my kool aid bitch"
by stg60913b February 16, 2010
A person, place, or thing that a person blindly adores despite blatant and obvious reason not to
John: OMFG! The new macbook air just came out! I don't care if it's underpowered, overpriced, only has 64 gig SDD and doesn't have a backlit keyboard. Wait hold on. I have to close out of this app on my iPhone since I don't have multitasking. Who cares? It still totally pwns android. Wait just give it a second. I must be holding the phone wrong or something. It totally pwns anything and EVERYTHING you have because APPLE IZ TEH BEST EVER!

Jill: Still drinking the Apple kool-aid I see.
by Against Grizzly November 10, 2010
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