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An alliance of very popular kids. Some of these kids may resemble Fonzi, from Happy Days, or Biff, from back to the future. These are the kids that get all the chicks and know how to party. Not to get mixed up with the ku klux klan.
Small Child 1: Hey, why didnt you get any low-fat ranch on your Caesar Salad?
Small Child 2: 5 members of the kool kids klan cornered me and took my Lunch Money.
Small Child 1: You too?
#kool #cool #kids #klan #clan
by maxatron December 22, 2008
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Most likely the group of kids at your school who act with the holier-than-thou additude, and hate on everyone else, except the hot girls with no minds of their own.
Mitch, Kale, and Jack are part of the Kool Kids Klan. They think they can beat anyone in a fight and that their girlfriends are so hot.
#cool kids #cool #kids #kkk #clan
by Everruler July 22, 2006
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