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A common request to camwhores on 4chan asking what objects anonymous would like seen in any given orfice of her body. Unfortunatly, the camwhore never delivers pictures.
Camwhore: What does anon want in my pooper?
(100 posts later)
Anonymous: Sharpie in the pooper!

Que 200 angry "OP doesn't deliver" posts.
#nigger #porn #pussy #fuck #camwhore #4chan #/b/
by maxatron July 30, 2009
Many steps must be taken to have a Prostitute pleasure you in the popular game Grand Theft Auto 4. Hookers can Provide many great benifits and hours of Ho killin' fun. This is a step by step guide on how to treat some of Liberty City's biggest sluts.

1: You must first aquire a automobile. Simply hijack one from a citizen, then run him/her over because it's hilarious.

2: The best way to find hookers it to drive around ghetto places at night and look for women clad in booty shorts, and saying things like "Me Sucky Sucky".

3: Once you have chosen your Hooker, you must then honk the cars horn to let her know you want to pick her up. She will come over to your car, shake that hot animated ass, and you must press a certain button for her to hop in the car.

4: You must now find a quiet place where the woman can carry out the action you wish her to do.

5: Once you have found a good place, a menu will come up with all the sexual acts possible for the hooker all are good and will give you health. Whilst the deed is being carried out, the hooker will yell various things such as "Fuck me harder!"

6: Once she is done, she will exit your car and ALWAYS run her over for the lulz and to get your money back, and more from that bitch.

7: Repeat.
A GTA 4 Hooker really knows how to take a dick.
#gta #gta 4 #hooker #sex #prostitute
by maxatron July 29, 2009
Easily the stupidest idea ever imagined in the history of the planet. Cash For Clunkers is just another failed attept to get the economy running again. A few of The rules that determine if your car is a Clunker are: Your car must be less than 25 years old, It must get at least 18 MPG and the car must be drivable. Once you turn over your perfectly good car-- I mean Clunker, you may get up to $4,500 off a newer, more fuel efficient car, like a Prius... for $20,000. What happens to your Clunker? The engine gets sold to China. Now isn't Cash for Clunkers just great?
Democratic politician: Cash For Clunkers will work! It makes total sense!
#democrat #prius #c4c #obama #retarded
by maxatron July 30, 2009
When your hard drive has so many thousands of files of lolcats that your computer literally explodes.
Donny: Were living in this homeless shelter now because my dumbass brother had a lolcat overload.
Homeless man: Hmm....fascinating.
#lol #lolcat #pr0n #porn #hard drive
by maxatron December 22, 2008
Hands down, the most fun class in Team Fortress 2. Among being able to disguise himself as a member of the other team, He can also turn invisable, and is very skilled in the art of having sex with your mom. The Spy is equipped with a knife that when stabbed into the back of some Sniper mother fucker (or anyone for that matter), kills them instantly. The Spy also has a quite powerful revolver known as the Ambassador, that can distribute a great deal of damage when shot in the head. The Spy has a tiny machine called an electro sapper which can disable any "building" created by an Engineer.
#tf2 #team fortress 2 #spy #backstab #porn #nigger #weed
by maxatron July 30, 2009
A term you use to put in back of words to make them sound better or more high tech. But really the update had no improvement to the original, if not made it worse, And they'll even charge a higher price for it.
Guy 2:"Hey man, you tried the new Lucky Charms 3000?"
Guy 2:"No not yet. Are they good at at all?"
Guy 1:"I dont know any change from the other lucky charms...And it cost me 4 bucks extra!"
#porn #ass #boobs #hot #sex #cereal
by maxatron January 12, 2009
The best deal in video game history. You get 5 of the best games ever made, that you will play over and over for hours on end for $20 dollars. i mean seriously, what more could one want from a video game?

The Orange Box includes:

Half life 2

Half life 2: Episode 1

Half life 2: Episode 2


Team Fortress 2
You're basically paying $4.00 per game on The Orange Box. You can't get any better than that. EVER.
#half life #half life 2 #portal #tf2 #pr0n
by maxatron August 03, 2009
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