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Incredibly attractive and chivalrous. Also tend to be funny and smart.
That good-looking lad just saved all those people, he must be a KONRAD!
by vkabara December 28, 2007
475 126
when someone takes something over the top to unecessary levels of agression.
"wow, how'd you get that black eye?"

" we were having a play fight and he went konrad"
by fenwick July 20, 2006
225 141
Fastest kid in Manhattan.
Girl: "Psst, look it's Konrad Surkont, I wanna **** him."
by Surkonter November 26, 2012
31 10
Walking away in disgust with the middle finger held high after cumming then spitting on a girl.
I hooked up with a slut last weekend and pulled a Konrad on her.
by Mr. Buckwheat March 20, 2008
131 176
a dumbshit, who thinks he's cool but sadly to his dismay, everyone hates him, though he doesn't realise it. Thinking he's funny, he's cool, he can get girls. Probably will loose his virginity to a hooker.
Konrad : wow, nice rack ;)
Girl : get away you fucking perv!!
by yummah(: May 18, 2010
48 183
Another word for masturbation
"im going to have a konrad"
by Geogeo June 08, 2006
101 247
a lame loser who everyone hates. likes to touch himself. has no friends.
gosh, that konrad needs to stop stroking his calf, its freakin me out!
by Hannah 123 January 01, 2007
52 243