a leather-clad man-slave.
Wife: "Mary Ellen is coming over, and she's bringing her konkey."
Kids: "Yaaaaay.!"
Husband: "He is the most polite konkey I've ever met."
by The Congos October 22, 2007
Top Definition
A deformed, penis that is abnormally large in stature
Hey guys my arm feels like a konkey
by Le Dixz0n October 21, 2007
Slang. Another name for the anus.
Yo' shove this up your konkey!
by chrisX April 04, 2007
A Large, Hairy, Male Reproductive organ, often infected with STD's Or Other Diseases
I Wouldn't Let Him fuck me With That Konkey.
by Elizabeth Noel October 30, 2007
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