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Correctly spelled "Konnichiwa", it is japanese for "Good Afternoon"
Konnichiwa Tanakachan. Hirugohan wa nani o tabemashita ka?
by Michael February 21, 2005
Japanese for Hello.
Utilized by the Wu-Tang Clan
RZA and JZA: "Konichiwa Bitches"
by JoeVanDam October 01, 2012
It means "Good afternoon" in Japanese.
Konichiwa baka-san.
by Kakashi February 11, 2004
The Japanese Word for "Hello"
Konichiwa! How are you today?
by Lily Xiong August 18, 2003
a chinese,jpanese,asian and ect.
man that konicwa is skinny
by roobee March 19, 2005
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