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3 definitions by Bogmon

1) Wu-tang style greeting
2) The universally offensive way to say hello in Japan! (Everyone knows what that means!)
"Konichiwa, bitches" replied the RZA as he approached the podium.
by Bogmon July 17, 2005
An exclamatory word used to describe something that is foul; ill; nasty; disturbing; dirty; or jus' straight wrong.
1]What did she think leaving the house look'n like that, yeeeesh!
2]Close your legs woman, yeeeeeeeeesh!
3]Man, shower much lately? yeeeeesh!
4]Check out that tubby bitch, yeeeesh!
by Bogmon May 14, 2005
large to a ridiculous degree, so much so that it requires a combination "giant" AND "enormous"
Man, that bitches ass is ginormous!
by Bogmon May 14, 2005