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what happens when you try to say 'lol' but instead you type 'kok'
i mean.. lol.
by banging brianna_bugg 17 August 11, 2005
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The white powder. Called cocaine too. Make a line and put it into your nose. Relax afterwards.
dude1 : hey d00d, u got some snow?
dude2 : sure babe, take my koks!
by che0r August 31, 2006
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1. Penis
2. Dick
3. Cock
<+Bcodes|AdY> I love KOK
by chin May 12, 2003
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(1) A word that is commonly typed instead of "lol"

(2) Common name for many asians, usually "Kok ___ Tan"
homee: man..dont u just wanna bang that bitch!?
shizzle: kok!
homee: what? you banging ur kok again?
shizzle: I meant lol....
by Kok Tan April 26, 2006
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Shorter and softer version of the word "kokot".Friends can call each other so.Can be used as buddie/mate/fella/pal.
"What's up ,kok?"
"Gimme some kok!."
by samuraY October 31, 2007
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1)the common typing error for "lol"
2)a word founded by Brendan, that forms a short form for many things
1)Oh no! I typed
2)Brendan owns the KOK!
by Brendan Marko November 28, 2007
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King of Kings skate krew.

made by the "ghetto cool skater poser kids" at school.

NOT to be confused with KKK. THat would be bad.
"yeah we're ghetto skateboard posers in the KOK"
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
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