1. One of the most advanced cities in Kerala, India boasting highly advanced architecture like real-time traffic surveillance (comparable to that of london). With nearly 100% literacy and 90% population engaged in business, it is a magnet for immigrants. Also home to famous mollywood actors like Mammotty, Mohan lal, Dileep and Mullasseril.
2. A person from kochi.
3. In Kerala used to refer to a business minded person.
1. Look at his rolls royce. He must be a kochi.
2. The sole thing he chatted about was his business. What a kochi!
by AVENGE April 30, 2012
Top Definition
A bengali affectionate word meaning the youngest or smallest brother.
Kochi, Dhula bhai wants to talk to you!
by nOneXs!SteNT December 03, 2010
Someone who cries after losing a debate and seeks to play the victim by kissing asses of the higher powers.
"Dude, that guy is being such a kochi"

"McCain is the definition of a kochi"
by Frothy Beverage June 02, 2009

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