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a sexually explicet girl who looks like a gay bear. a koala bear. :), her nickname is koala.

she likes to chew gum leaves, and her cheeks are huge.
emily: 'hey koala :) how was your weekend ?'
Koala (renee): "heey! it was good thanks!'

randoms: "hey koala!'
"sup koala'
'oh god theres a wild koala in the building'


jacqui: 'oh, looks like koalas in a grumpy mood today'
renee (koala): /hits
emily: "koalas got her claws out!'
crysta: 'CRAZY KOALA! :D'

emily : " oh my god. there is too!'
Renee (koala): "nnnnnooo :@ !'
by randelliot_x September 05, 2009
A dunk is some sort of duck/donkey thing...also refered as Jacqui.

this unusual creature is a bit of a phsycopathic manic who goes on crazy donkey rampages naked!
emily: "hey jacqui, what would you say you look like?"
renee:"i think she looks like some sort of duck thing"
Crysta: "i'd say she looks like a donkey"
bec: "A DUNK, HAZ"
Jacqui: ""nnnot a dunk!!"
by randelliot_x September 05, 2009
a word, once coming from space nerds, in which is used as an expression of happiness. faamiliar to the usuage of the word 'hoorah' or 'hooray'

it is now, world wide famous.
emily: 'hey i read this book the other day'
celia: "yes i read it too, who here liked it!?'
renee: " i do i do! HAZZAH :@!'


crysta: ' dude, i won the lottery the other day'
everyone: 'hazzah bru'

by randelliot_x September 05, 2009

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