the punching of a boner in attempts to make it go away.
dude I got a boner in the parking lot so I gave myself some knucklehead to make it go away.
by knuckleheadwittness January 26, 2012
someone who is irresponsible and acts ignorant
Don't be a knucklehead you understand what's being said.
by Gerard Irick October 19, 2010
A member of one's social group that recently done something really stupid.
That knuckle-head Fred told me he feed his dog chili again.
by Steve Jobs May 27, 2003
A young and wild skinhead, normally a fresh-cut, probe to getting drunk and getting in fights.
That fresh-cut, Jimmy, is going to get beat-up if he keeps being a knucklehead and pissing off the older guys.
by Blownaparte August 10, 2014
The act of shallowly fisting while simultaneously fellating one's partner.
The new guy at the Rainbow Room gives mind-blowing "knucklehead".
by 6fireguys November 16, 2013
An honors physics student of ability but who lacks the conventional expression of said ability (i.e. homework completion, class appropriateness). May or may not get high grades.
6th period lost its elder knucklehead after 1st semester
by Pelota January 29, 2010
A group of people who have nothing better to do with there lives so they just sit around and tease each other!
Haha But either way you wanna put it we still rock!
Examples of Knuckleheads are the following as it states:
We Rock Major!
by xp_brodie June 28, 2009
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