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A piece of smoking hot hispanic pussy.

Explanation: The meat of choice of the hispanics is skirt steak and no one cooks it better, therefore, that juicy piece of meat translates well to great hispanic pussy. Not to mention of course, that the meat under a skirt is clearly pussy.
Man, that Rosalita is a serious piece of skirt steak!
by Headmonger January 05, 2010
receiving a wicked blowjob while the woman masterfully utilizes her two hands in the dirty deed
Suzy gave me the most tremendous knucklehead last night.
by Headmonger August 14, 2008
The pool like area of a woman strategically nestled between the collar bones and under the adams apple where you deploy your "seamen" after a glorioustitty fuck and it accumulates in the area resembling a pearl like harbor.
I titty fucked Suzy last night and filled her Pearl harbor until it overflowed. It was a glorious moment!
by Headmonger December 07, 2011

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