A strong or stupid person. Like someone on steroids or a caveman that can only grunt to communicate.
Call off your knuckle-draggers. Justin will pay you whatever you want.

Justin is a knuckle dragger. He believes everything on the internet is fact.
by Lagz November 06, 2013
A malicious term used to describe a person of African American descent. The term is used to compare African-Americans to apes, since apes are known to walk using their knuckles.
All them knuckledraggers are the same, stupid as shit and using foodstamps.
by Mr. James Jonathon Peterson June 27, 2009
a term used to describe people that dwell within a rural community. Giving them the appearence as neanderthal. Interchangeable with phrases such as Redneck, Cedar Chopper, Hillbilly, etc...
only a knuckledragger would try and find a date at a family reunion
by centexboy69 February 27, 2011
A snowboarder who tends to drag his knuckle when he rides.
"Yo! that Knuckle dragger just took out that little kid!"
by Petriiiiii129 March 09, 2010
A mechanic or engineer who frequently uses hand tools that require rubbing there hands against objects .
man 1 : hey man is your car fixed yet ?

man 2 : nah , man . those Knuckle draggers are taking all week .
by MassDemo March 16, 2012
Republican, member of the GOP.
Do you believe the KNUCKLEDRAGGER we have in the Whitehouse??? Who voted for this IDIOT anyway.....
by Harry Ballzannya June 18, 2005
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