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(n) Another synonym for hundred spokes or vogues. Lot of rappers will be sittin on knockoffs.
I got an escalade on knockoffs, I keep a glass house inside of my mouth, I use Codeine so I will not cough.
by DonaldTheG April 16, 2006
4 3
An item that looks exactly like an original product but lacks the expensive designer label and is replaced with a fake one. Usually costs half the price with half the style appeal.
I hate those Coach knock off purses with the little "G's" on them instead of little "C's"
by ~*erin*~ April 10, 2004
204 55
An imitation of a major Brand Name
"Like, ohmygosh is that Louis Vuitton???"
"Nah, its a knockoff, my mom got it for $5"
by K.F. April 21, 2006
87 9
Australian, to end the days work, to clock out.
2) colloq to steal
I knocked off work mate and seen some bastrad knocked off me car stereo.
by herbie August 31, 2004
104 35
(n.) knockoff - a copy of an original brand, often priced dramatically lower than an authentic. Commonly, the designs will have been altered a bit, or they will appear the exact same, but some small detail may prove they are not authentic.

"Woah, a Dior wallet for $40.00? That can't be possible."
"It isn't. See? The interior isn't leather, it's plastic. And the stitching is loose and falling apart. It's definitely a knockoff."
by Ulrika May 30, 2006
36 9
1. an imitation of someone or something

2. to imitate someone or something
That site has mostly knockoffs of popular video games.
by Light Joker May 15, 2006
29 10