Knobhead, aka a "Kevin", often found in meanial roles, always a Jobsworth and pain in the arse.
That storeman is a complete knobhead, he will never give us what we need.
Traffic wardens are all Kevins they won't give you time to take a piss without issuing a ticket, the Knobheads.
by Tractorpuller September 06, 2012
Old grey haird fuddy duddy, drives a Merc (or two or three), Lives in Mandurah,
IHow am I supposed to know... I'm just a KNOB HEAD !!!
by shaun May 29, 2003
complete and utter retard who likes doing sheep u the bak-side!!!!
oi luke smith, you knob head
by harry, ben dover March 09, 2004
tis either knobhead reffering to a kbob on your head. Or knobhead referring to the fact you are a head of a nob.
You filthy fucking knobhead.
You are a complete knobhead.
by Luke Czirok May 08, 2005
your mum.
your mum is a knob head.
by s December 09, 2003

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