pronunciation: (kuh-NISH)
n. - someone, more specifically, a small asian girl who loves Hello Kitty

- a 5 ft. vegetarian who eats about once a day

- one who does not like milk

- one who overachieves at EVERYTHING.

- someone you would want to wake to in the morning

- someone you would want to make coffee for

- she means the entire universe

- the leader of a cult


- wonderful

- super sweet and innocent

- short/small

- fun

- cute

- awesome
1. Why must you be so knish?
2. Knish, I miss you!
by iloveBio122 September 25, 2010
Top Definition
Potato pastry.
Give me a dozen knishes - a baker's dozen, dammit!
by Benjamino December 22, 2003
The female organ. Term of endearment overheard on NY City streets. (lower eastside)
(1) Herschel, you gonna get some knish tonight, heh? Oy!
(2) I've been in jail for so long that I forgot what knish looks like!
by Benjamino December 22, 2003
Pronounced Kuh-nish or just nish

1. Cool; okay
2. Autocorrection of mmkay on IPhone.
Ex. 1. Bob: Yo Bill, lets go get hammered tonight.
Bill: Knish!

Ex. 2. Texter 1: Joe's tonight?
Texter 2: knish
Texter 1: WTF
Texter 2: sry iPhones gay, mmkay*
by Beefy Steve December 27, 2010
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