a special way of calling someone a whore.
more original than bluntly calling someone a slut.
girl 1- Me and him hooked up
girl 2- I hope you wore knee pads.


girl 1- Bitch, do your knees a favor and ge some kneepads.
by HannahxBanana May 20, 2006
it is absolutely necessary for a girl to wear while sucking dick on her knees, as it will protect her knees and make the experience much more comfortable.
girl: tonight im coming over to suck dat dick
guy: ight make sure you bring da knee pads
by cool guy11111 April 08, 2010
knee pads & pasties elbow pads & ( motor scooter helmet ) bedroom fun & games.
yo banana! I bang my knee pads through the sheet rock on a wall job.
motor scooter helmet keeps head from banging walls.

knee pads on a first date is HORNY!
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
kneepads - An item that a local...who couldn't trade their way out of a paper bag when there was tons of paper and seats were 20K per month....puts on each knee in front of a paper broker so that he buys or sells something 1 or 2 cents BELOW or ABOVE the MARKET PRICE.
Look at PABLO the local.He just slide on 2 kneepads in front of that paper broker and made 5 G's on the opening !
Now all he need is a KLEENEX to wipe the mess off his chin !
by NOPADS February 23, 2008

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