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A person who is never without a scrape or bruise. Always finds a way to trip, bump into things and people. And on occasion, they partially knock themselves out by walking into walls, doorways, and corners or cabinets and desks.
Why didn't I see that corner of the desk? I'm such a klutz! Where's the frozen corn?
by bepatient March 02, 2006
1. The act of doing anything other than what you should be doing.
2. Wasting time; doing unnecessary things that will inevitably cause you to arrive late to appointments, work, the airport, and special nights out with your significant other.
You're thinking, "O.K. I just need to shape my eyebrows, pull some weeds from the lawn and give Rover a bath...It shouldn't take more than a few minutes."
Then you arrive late to the airport and miss your flight. You call to tell your friend that you missed your flight. Friend asks, "what happened?" You answer, "I guess I was piddle-paddling around to much this morning!"
by bepatient March 07, 2006
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