A lesbian eskimo or eskimoes.
That Klondike has a whack igloo.
by Sickness Mate January 02, 2005
Fat black lesbian bitch who loves to chomp box.
That klondike would do anything for some snatch.
by Somebody March 29, 2005
jeffery a is a winner, cause he didnt even copy the top phrase, just to get his name on the page. i think this faggot likes getting klondyked by the ugly chicks with dyke mullets
by Jeffery A is all the way gay March 05, 2003
Lesbians from cold places
Look at that, 2 eskimos eating each other out. Must be klondikes.
by bt March 03, 2003
A he/she that walks around school its fat and has man juggs or girl tits (Ireallydontknowwhatitis).
mando:Damn that bitch with the pigtails....is it a dude or a chick
Eunice:Some saggy ass tits hahaha
Jacob:Yea dudes thats a guy......

by Marchrainson January 08, 2009
The absolutely most perfect person that could ever exist. Being called a klondike is a good thing.
Just try to call me a klondike again, 'you-know-who'
by My first name is nick March 17, 2007
A West Coast street term for the drug clonazepam.
Yo hit me up wit dem Klondikes, mah neighba.
by ImFromAmerica March 09, 2016
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