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2 definitions by Migrodamus

N. A sexual innuendo referring to a nasty slice of penis, this innuendo is usually thrown at people while inside of a car inebriated. Also can be used to attract fat chicks in a house party, especially in Fort Collins
Me: Hey Shamoo Sally, you want some cockaroni pizza tonight?

Shamoo Sally: Not tonight, I'm feeling some high self esteem coming on.

Me: That's too bad, my buddy Andy and I were going to throw in a two for one special.

Shamoo Sally: Well in that case, I'll call some of my largely obese and highly depressed friends.
by Migrodamus October 15, 2009
18 5
(v) - A sexual act consisting of a white woman being voluntarily pommeled in between two strong black males. Usually the white woman is unable to walk/stand for a long amount of time.
Me: Hey you hear Lacy is in a coma?
Friend: Yeah, I heard she was thrown around by some fellas the other night.
Me: Yeah, she was hot for being so trashy.
Friend: Yeah she went from hot to being fucked cold.
Me: That's why they call it a klondike.

Girl 1: Why are we in Aurora?
Girl 2: I want to get a klondike.
Girl 1: We should have gotten a dd.
by Migrodamus August 29, 2009
26 24