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A Soviet gun designed specifically to miss its target.
Chad proceeded to be owned by the slap after firing two clips from his Klobb.
by Brad Avery April 18, 2004
365 27
A weapon from the 1997 N64 game "Goldeneye 007". It is based on the Czech vz.61 "Skorpion" machine pistol.
"I'd rather fight with my bare hands than use the Klobb."
by Samopal April 25, 2008
112 23
1.) another way of saying something is worthless or bad, orginates from the crappiness of the klobb in goldeneye.

2.) can also be used in place of skank or other derogatory words.
Instead of saying something sucks. One would said that shit is klobb man.

Fuckin Klobb's
by Jake2607 December 04, 2007
41 87
A punk-ass gun. A Murph weapon.
Oh-ho-ho... Klobb for you...
by DJ Illnutz March 28, 2003
17 70