Voted the best place to live in Norway. And Norway was voted the best contry to live in in the world, so Klæbu is the best place in the world to live.
-Hey! what that???
-It's a klæbygg!
-Ah, cool!
by Steingrim April 14, 2005
klæbu(klaebu) is worlds best place to live. norway is the best country in the world, and klæbu is the best place in norway!!
the place have between 5000-7000 citisens, and are neighboor to trondheim there they eat smalahovu and fårrikål
lalala I live in klæbu, and I am best!!
by lars-knut February 03, 2005
the one and only place to live in the world.
it got vassflellet skicenter, kulpan, and klæbu rock. it is surrounded by looser places like selbu, or melhus. Only Trondheim city is a cool neighbour compared to Klæbu.
-So... where are you moving to?
-Klæbu! where else???
-sorry, shold have known that.
by Steingrim April 21, 2005

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