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10 definitions by Steingrim

the most popular name in the world! (just ask google!)
used by the norvegians, and the sweds.
hey Per, and Per, and you too Per, and you ofcourse Per.
by Steingrim November 06, 2005
149 51
a person from Trøndelag.
"æ e trønder æ ja!"
is something a trønder might say.
by Steingrim April 21, 2005
40 7
something you might say when you're not intersssed in whats said.
-something you might say when you're not inte...
-sure! blablabla!
by steingrim June 03, 2005
27 22
the apocalypse for the royals in Norway. he is a poet who married the princess there. he named his second child Leah Isadora! wha calls their childs that??????????
he wrote the retarded book "trist som faen"
by Steingrim April 14, 2005
6 4
Voted the best place to live in Norway. And Norway was voted the best contry to live in in the world, so Klæbu is the best place in the world to live.
-Hey! what that???
-It's a klæbygg!
-Ah, cool!
by Steingrim April 14, 2005
10 9
Thats the hairy things that walks around in the fields eating grass.
(In norwegian)
-What is that cotton-thingy doing out there?
>Oh, its a "sau" eating grass, yep, I know my norwegian, because you need that in the world we live in.
by Steingrim August 10, 2005
15 15
a waterfall in Klæbu. It's not a waterfall but it was before the river was blocked.
whats that on klæbus communeshield?
it's trangfossen!
by Steingrim April 14, 2005
1 2