A way of saying 'OK' when one:

- Is showing a lack of interest on what one is saying


- Is angry


- Is in a hurry and don't have time to type the whole thing eg. When they're getting kicked off the computer and is replying quickly & briefly
Person 1: Hey I bought a new pair of shoes
Person 2: kk

Person 1: Hey go get me that book
Person 2: kk
by JamesHD October 14, 2006
An impolite way of stating one's agreement with previous statement along with pretending not to care about the statement and feeling superior to the conversation partner.

The short version for 'Okay okay shut the fuck up already!'.

Often used together with thx and bye or their variations to achieve the degrading kkthxbye. Optionally followed by n00b.
Dude A 21:45:06: Did you see me play? I made it to the finals!
Dude B 21:45:21: kk
Dude B 21:45:23: how i make Stickam work?
by Barack Obahma May 30, 2008
An extremely redundant little doohickey often used in instant messenger conversation. Why do people say kk? That would be like saying 'okay okay'! Does anyone really say that in real life? (i.e. Hey would you get that video tape 4 me? Okay okay!)
purplemountaingorillawithanattitude: would you please shut up person who I cannot name on this site?
personwhocannotbenamedbutisreallyannoying: kk
by Sparky ML April 14, 2004
A word used online by total fags who can't seem to spell "ok" correctly. People who say "kk" also say words like:

Boy: I'm going to stab you and kill your family.

Girl: kk
by Cloud November 11, 2004
Phonetic alternative to "lol" or "hehe", often used by Asian IM users.
george: funny joke
cuteasianchixxor: kk
by flavor8 October 16, 2006
kk is the cute way to say ok when talking online
and smart people, not stupid people use it
guy: brb
girl: kk
guy: back
girl: kk
by donnelly September 04, 2004
I thought I created it...obviously wrong..but anyway...

1.) A term used in chatting to indicate that you understand, but used in a fashion such as heh...to be creul or bored...

2.) Krusty Krab (from SpongeBob Squarepants)
boringguy24: i am eating peanuts
me: kk whatev
boringguy24: what? i really am!
me: i said...kk
by JinxJazz October 10, 2004

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