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A group of people being unnecessarily bitchy or rude to each other for entertainment see bitchfest. Kittyradio was originally a forum owned by and posted on by Courtney Love but she has since deserted the website which has been left to fester.
The people at my work are so kittyradio.
#bitchy #bitchfest #kr #shittyradio #hobag
by SylviaSlime May 26, 2006
an online community containing a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals who get their rocks off by outsmarting each other.

l'avatar is convinced that everyone has stolen his internet personality because he deems himself a beacon of brilliance. and everyone rips off brilliance.

misfit musto expose' aka i have too much time on my hands but i need a boost to my self esteem

meaty is fabulous, fabulously coked out. that equals youre all owned.

brookelyn is the queen be of kittyradio. she's outsmarted you all.
#kittyradio #courtney love #the soapbox #bitchyradio
by busybeaver February 04, 2008
A large messageboard/addiction, which in the beginning was dedicated completely to Courtney Love/Hole. It is now more of a community filled with randoms, mingers, and other fabulous people--innit. The owner refers to herself as the Princess Of Power (Shera).
Did you hear what xxSybilxx told Girlgerms on <b>kittyradio</b> today? J0wl3d! Courtney Love replied to the thread. Here, let me copy and paste: "lhI tkiynk yoeu lalall jsshoukld bje my oteamaied!"

Weka had a lot to say on the situation as well.
by cortnay lurve January 18, 2005
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