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A girl who constantly cybers and is uber funny XD I'M TALKING TO HER RIGHT NOW!
Sam/Nick: Hey tigz, wanna cyber? *twitch*
Tigz: Sure!
by Softball July 18, 2004
A girl who is really really cool and better than the best.
Tigz you are soooooooo cool!
by Tigz September 21, 2003
A preppy psychotic whore that belongs to Gel! :O She also is the master at hokey-pokey "dancing".
Tigz iz mah bitch yo.
Tigz has a nice ass.
Tigz has nice tits. x)
by Gel July 26, 2004
A perverted little 13 year old that cybers with everyone she sees. She will play the role of a guy should she be asked to, hence, she will cyber with guys, girls, gays and straights ^^ Lol
Tigz is such a slutty whore.
by Wesley July 18, 2004
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