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performing sexual intercourse while spontaneously destroying funiture, drapes, etc.
Shirley convinced John to try kitty style and as a result, they have to buy a new couch.
by xdumbass November 24, 2010
A rough form of doggy style, with scratching and biting.
kitty style- Take partner from behind. With one hand pull head back by hair. Bite and nibble on exposed neck and ear. Paw at breast with other hand.
by sinpunk August 23, 2011
Have you ever watched cats copulate? So this is "Kitty style" you lie flat on your stomach, I climb on your back and lock my teeth into your ear to keep you from running away.
Guy 1: "Dude, me and my girl had the most amazing sex last night!"

Guy 2: "Oh really?"

Guy 1: "Yeah, I had her in the kittystyle."

Guy 2: "Don't you mean doggystyle?"

Guy 1: "Nope."
by hotdiggitydog February 03, 2008
When a girl is down on all four and a guy is behind her get her from the back. her back is arched like a cats
Instead of doggy style do kitty style
by Ashley Rose Farrel January 21, 2007
A sex position, similar to doggy-style, where the girl is lying on her stomach instead of on all fours.
When Jessica was asked to be on top, she said she preferred kitty style.
by jdk July 10, 2014
Like doggy style; rough sex with scratching and biting
I had scratches all over my back it was kitty style
by Hyebombshell July 15, 2014
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