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a female whom you cannot resist; regardless of length of time known. most likely due to her beauty and the amount of interest she incurrs.
I met, fell for, and married a kitters yesterday.
I gave a kitters one hundred dollars because she asked for it.
by burt March 14, 2004
Another word for cat.
Awww look at that kitter!
I found a stray kitter named Toast.
by DM Diller November 06, 2005
Another word to describe a cat. Sometimes is substituted for Kitter, Kitter John Jitter, and in rare cases, Skitter.
"Hey, i like your kitter."
"Groose, your skitter stinks."
by iblilt September 03, 2012
a beautiful or very cute cat
Xena, a beautiful siamese cat with big blue eyes is also called kitters.
by x_kitters_x June 28, 2006
A very loving and affectionate girlfriend; particularly one with a lot of "sass" or "sassafrass"
Kitters was waiting for me on the couch with a homemade sarsaparilla in her hand.
by cariboo original April 02, 2011
An Argentinian half cat-half human hybrid with beautiful markings and an odd speech pattern.
I think I saw a kitters over there shouting HUMP HUMP at passersby.
by Neilmiser March 09, 2004
hotty from argentina with beautifully big breast and soft lips that could kill a man.
Noelia; girl from argentina with beautiful breast.
by gavin March 08, 2004