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1) Feminine variation of Noel; 2) Woman with a large, succulent rack who looks fucking hot for her age; 3) One who inspires a desire to shoot cum down her throat and up in her ass; 4) a secretary
"Dude, I'd totally be down to buttfuck a cougar if she were a Noelia!"
"If she were a Noelia, I'd join in for the double-penetration!"
"Double-penetration? Man, if she were a Noelia, make that TRIPLE-penetration, cuz she could suck my cock!"
by Judge Head May 18, 2010
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A girl that is beautiful and can be the the best person IN THE WORLD Noelia is fun crazy and when you get her mad she would still go on with her amazing life she has she is smart , really beautiful . She has so many friends she would get anyone to like her even her crush that girl Noelia loves kids... She is so funny she would make your day she has a big heart when it comes to help she would she loves animals and cute things lIke. Her she would be the best thing that happen to you..<3

amaizing. sexy. funny
Hey is noelia here?

NO I'm waiting for her toooo

Noelia where is she?

Big booty
by Luckone January 04, 2013
A classy stunningly gorgeous lady who likes to drink tea and shroom on sunny days; Occasionally might pack her delicatley made ebony pipe when a draft happens to pass by.
That curious lady over there is Noelia, see by her dilated pupils she's in neverland.
by fairylandwalker January 24, 2010
A butiful girl with a warm heart and can sing and helps u wen ur down
Danm i love her so much yo noelia
by Me no sat September 24, 2011

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