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The hair on the back of you neck that is nappy, un-tameable
Damn your kitchen look messed up. or Man your kitchen is lookin' like whoopi goldbers' arm pit.
by Kit' chin August 22, 2003
1009 670
A woman's natural habitat.
Excerpt from a 2200AD history textbook: "Along with widespread drug use, global warming, and the Hmong takeover of the United States in 2012, the 21st century is remembered by another horrible phenomenon; woman's rights. However, in the year 2121 the truly superior race (men) recognized this episode as the monstrosity that it was, and drove women back to their natural habitat: the kitchen. Men now rule the world with authority and an iron hand, while women finally understand that they have no rights and are physically, intellectually, and genetically inferior to men and apes."
by A Ticho February 10, 2009
1508 998
(Traditional) The place in a home where a woman belongs
Hey woman, quit yer bitchin' and get back in the kitchen!
by The Joyster May 09, 2005
1391 1240
a sammich factory
go the the kitchen and make me some sammich bitch.
by gaesian April 04, 2010
444 359
The room where grandma hides her shotgun shells.
Don't you upset grandma. She'll take you into the kitchen ... if you know what I mean.
by freedyal May 11, 2005
386 310
A nickname for the holdem hand ten three (T-3) offsuit, a term used by many prominent online poker players, and coined by the professional online poker player Jamie Armstrong, aka pokerjamers
I flatted his three bet with kitchens, and he got really mad when he saw what I had when I flopped the full house.
by driverseati May 23, 2012
53 6
Where the goods are cooked, things are shipped/delivered, people get swerved, and basically all the dope shit happens. Sometimes referred to as the bakery.
Cook1: I'll be right back, I gotta go whip up some boulder in the kitchen.

Dude1: Pass the blunt first, nigga!
by sunstir June 20, 2010
162 138