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The room where grandma hides her shotgun shells.
Don't you upset grandma. She'll take you into the kitchen ... if you know what I mean.
by freedyal May 11, 2005
A word that may be spoken when you have nothing to say. Also useful for eliminating awkward moments of silence.

Also see um
"Where were you last night?" "Well honey, I was busy ... 'garg'".
by freedyal May 09, 2005
One who continually states the obvious.
"Everybody loves a fucking parade" ... no shit you berdnog.
by freedyal May 26, 2005
The wide open range and open spaces of the alley behind the butcher shop
Ohh, we have to bring mom to the boomblagrange for her birthday!!
by freedyal May 09, 2005
A man that works in a small hut on a dock overseeing the goings-on
If I were you I would go see Blix down at the boat tranx
by freedyal May 09, 2005
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