British slang for having a nap, sleeping.
"I fancy a kip as I am really tired.."

"Sorry, I didn't hear the phone..I must have been kipping when you rang.."
by Amy June 28, 2004
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A form of cheating while doing pull-ups, whereby and individual struggling to do another abruptly jerks the knees upward to provide extra lift and remove the weight of said body parts from the lift equation.
A move, that in the military, will only get you extra pull-ups later for cheating so do them right and sweat it out.
SGT: " Gimmie ten more maggots, and no kipping or you'll be on KP patrol till graduation. "
by QuantumZ October 04, 2006
Sleeping or Napping
"Where have you been? "
by Lee SImi June 29, 2004
1. Sleeping
2. (Unofficially) staying at...
1. I was kipping til 2 today.
2. When my mother kicked me out of my house I was kipping at my friend's gaff. I kipped on his floor.
by Scandal June 28, 2004
The act of dating someone in another town/city, and only hanging out with them on the weekends (Friday through Sunday). You are required to do this all weekend, every weekend. The two people engaged in kipping can not be seperated for more than 30 minutes, without at least seeing each other, or getting a telephone call. This act is very common in the South.
Guy # 1 - Where's your boy at?

Guy # 2 - Man...I haven't seen that dude in like a year...he's so busy kipping, he doesn't even know who we are anymore.
by Kam842 September 06, 2007
Formed from the word kip.
To sleep.
Jennifer was caught kipping on the couch.
by Anne-Marie June 29, 2004
Sleeping, to have a nap (40 Winks etc)
Sorry I didn't here you rin me - I was still kipping in bed
by JEFFSKI June 28, 2004

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