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Kinnelon Comes from the German Word Kinnie-Lahnn, Meaning "A Whales Vagina"

Also, a upper middle class town found in Northern New Jersey, Populated overwhelmingly by wealthy Caucasians who think they are tough because they get a lexus, beamer, or benz for birthday or graduation present.

Known as K-Town
Im gonna have fun poking your Mom in the Kinnie Lahnn, then you can get sloppy seconds

Hey do you want to go to Kinnelon?
...there is nothing there you, fag
by K-town March 02, 2005
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A boring town where all everyone does is do drugs. a small town that loves getting in your buisness, everyone knows everything about you. There is absoulutley nothing to do for the kids in this town but find that ONE house with no parents home and do drugs.. and if there isn't AN open house they do the drugs in a car,the woods, or at the reservoir. Also it is a whitebread hippie town where there is only white christian people, and no other race... maybe one or two black people
If i cant find weed i'll travel an hour out of kinnelon completely out my way to get it cuz thats all there is to do.
by R.K. : ) December 06, 2005
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Stupid whiteys ALL with long hair.
A llama at the zoo. They also look like my penis....very hairy
by Andrew February 20, 2005
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