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Kinnelon Comes from the German Word Kinnie-Lahnn, Meaning "A Whales Vagina"

Also, a upper middle class town found in Northern New Jersey, Populated overwhelmingly by wealthy Caucasians who think they are tough because they get a lexus, beamer, or benz for birthday or graduation present.

Known as K-Town
Im gonna have fun poking your Mom in the Kinnie Lahnn, then you can get sloppy seconds

Hey do you want to go to Kinnelon?
...there is nothing there you, fag
by K-town March 02, 2005
One who has done something that could be thought of as stupid or thoughtless or just fucking Funny as hell
(Kid1 jumps off a roof onto a car while drunk)

(Kid2:"you stupid ass dude
by K-town July 19, 2004
clearly another attempt by mankind to continue chipping away at earths already fragile ecosystem. manufactured solely for the purpose of depleating natural resources such as oil and oxygen at a much faster rate than other bus-sized vehicles. republicans love 'em.
" i can't wait to show the guys at the country club my new ' W The President ' sticker on my ford excursion! "
by k-town December 16, 2004
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