king of the hill is the oppostite of queen of the valley
jesus christ on a bicycle LOOK AT HIM GO! KING OF THE HILL!
by dammitbobby August 29, 2006
High Tech Red Necks on teevee.
peggy & hank hill are htrns.
by daDebil February 29, 2004
a show that really isnt funny. a good analogy is basically when you are bored and are eating just to eat, but all you have in the kitchen is stale crackers, watching this show is that, but in a tv show form. or a way to pass time until family guy or simpsons comes on. a show that relfects whats worst about middle america. all the homophobia, latent racism, general close mindedness. life is too short and frustrating to be deprived ofa genuinly funny show.
this show is somewhat sentamental to me, but i will not be affected if i miss an episode. king of the hill is very dry humor.
by metalkid654 May 04, 2011
A very boring show about a boring family in Texas.
Man, King of The Hill just ruins the sunday Fox line up.
by Ev1990 May 13, 2009
a cartoon that airs on fox, but unlike most cartoons, the writers forgot to put jokes in the script.

propane is not funny, no matter how many jokes you make about it

thank god after 13 years they realized no one has given a shit in 10 years
1: Oh my god, king of the hill is so much better than family guy, i love propane and beer
2: dude i like family guy
3: you're an idiot, anyone who likes random jokes more than propane and beer jokes is an idiot.
by 5subjectnotebook February 17, 2009
A nifty Little show with the same thought behind it as the simpsons and Family Guy, and Futurama. However, it just doesn't quite make the same cut as they do. It is usually pretty stupid but like any show, it has it's moments.
To form your own Idea, you can watch King of the Hill on Fox (Channel Five) at 1:30 AM Eastern Time.
by DirtyLittleWar_3500 July 22, 2004
A really boring show. It's so dull you can use the theme tune as a sedative.
Yes. It's so bad it sends you to sleep.
How can any normal sane person like King Of The Hill?
by QueenOfThePixies March 04, 2006

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