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1. The stuff on your head. It can come in any number of colors. Natural (Blonde, Brunette, Red, Brown, etc.) or not (Pink, Blue, Spotted, Polka-Dotted). You have to look this up?

2. A Play turned movie. The movie came out in the late '70s (79, I believe). It is mainly about a group of Hippies who meet a guy going to war in a couple of days. They see this girl on a horse and the soldier (Claude Bukowski) falls in love with her. It's a Musical taking place in New York and eventually Nevada. The songs are great (Aquarius, Sodomy, Hair, etc.), the characters are awesome (Bereger, Woof, Claude, etc.) and the dancing is cool(put together by Twyla Tharp). This is a great movie (I'm aware that's an opinion) and you should see it sometime.
1: "Oooh I love you're hair."

2: "Did you see the movie Hair?"
"Why not?"
"Why would I watch something about hair?"
"Dude, you're missing the whole point of the movie. Go watch it!!"
by DirtyLittleWar_3500 August 08, 2004
1: Any number of people who may be named Tommy.

2: A play gone movie, written by Pete Townshend and directed by Ken Russel. I'm not familiar with the play, but the movie was amazing. It's a pretty psychological movie with a load of symbolism. It's about a woman who's husband was lost in the war. Assuming he's dead, she hooks up with another man while taking her son to "Bernie's Holiday Camp". Her son is young and his father was lost before he was born. One night, the father comes back to find his wife in bed with the other man. The man (Frank) hits the father with a lamp and breaks his neck, killing him. The son (Tommy) was witness to the whole thing and is tramatized when his mother and stepfather start yelling at him (Through song, might I add) that he didn't see or hear anything and that he wont say a word to anyone. This tramatizes him so much (Not to mention, seeing the death of his father) he becomes Blind, Deaf, and Dumb (mute). The rest of the movie is mainly his parents trying to find a way to cure him of what they know they did to him and him coming closer to his own cure.
1: Tommy Lee, Tommy from the power rangers, Tommy Walker, etc.

2: Tommy is an AWESOME movie, you should definately watch it. It's an opera by the way and no, they don't stop singing. Put up your subtitles if you can't hear that fast.
by DirtyLittleWar_3500 August 08, 2004
A nifty Little show with the same thought behind it as the simpsons and Family Guy, and Futurama. However, it just doesn't quite make the same cut as they do. It is usually pretty stupid but like any show, it has it's moments.
To form your own Idea, you can watch King of the Hill on Fox (Channel Five) at 1:30 AM Eastern Time.
by DirtyLittleWar_3500 July 22, 2004

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