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The most important thing; the priority; point; etc.
"But really, the king of the thing is that we need to get to work."
#priority #kind of the thing #antidisestablishmentarinism #sassy birds #ostrich #point
by majesticlarson March 27, 2015
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In context to the song king of the thing by O.A.R.
There is a kink...and this thing that the song speaks of is the throne that the king sits on in the third line of the song. Some may say that you can't be king of a throne. But I say why not. Some beleive this king is the king of India because O.A.R. has a t-shirt that depicts this king as being Indian...hense the turban. And he is sitting on a throne. So what i say it this thing is an Indian throne
Indian: What is the king in the song King of the thing by OAR the king of? What thing?
Indian: The throne DUH
#o.a.r. #king of the thing #of a revolution #king #thing
by Mike June 15, 2006
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