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In Greek mythology, King Midas is remembered for being granted the wish of being able to turn everything that he touched into gold (the Midas Touch).
King Midas was granted the opposite of the Shitters Touch.
by yorrick hunt January 18, 2008
When a girl is going down on a guy, she then takes his dick out of her mouth and gets ready to take the load on her face. However, the man, instead of ejaculating, pisses all over her face and then says astonishingly "everything you touch turns to gold!"
My girlfriend was getting on my nerves all day so I pleaded with her for a blow job and then gave her a King Midas.
by mr slaughter June 05, 2010
A nickname applied to those who, in high school, were not sexually active and took matters into their own hands on a frequent and daily basis.
MM: So B***, whats your PR?
JB: Umm...10? yeah, 10.
*unbelieving stares from all involved*
BP: Dude, are you fucking king midas?
by Skipperdo January 25, 2009
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