He pulled out a sword from a sword that nobody could pull out. He soon was made king.
One time he was battling agains a knight he broke his sword and he was nearly killed. Soon enough Merlin came and rescued him.merlin took him to the lady of the lake and she gave him a sword named Excalibur.
he really isn't that special.
by you don't need to know March 16, 2005
Top Definition
A word I looked up on Urbandictionary to see what people thought of the mythical English king, but all I got instead was disgusting sex definitions.
King Arthur was cool.
by david smith, jr. February 26, 2008
Cypress hill's 8 foot bong.

It's named king arthur.

I want it.
He did one hit off of king arthur and was done for the night.

by iang423 May 29, 2006
He's a King, therefore he's a ruler. And a ruler is 12 inches. Thus the name King Arthur.
Don't let King Arthur unsheathed his sword or he'll cum-a-lot.
by Excalibur April 17, 2006
A man puts super glue in another persons anus. Then he inserts his penis into their anus and lets it dry, and tries to pull it out of "the stone"
Carl gave Hanna a King Arthur last night.
by DJkevin66 December 02, 2009
The Act of running away from someone or something in a similar fashion to that on the Epic film The Holy Grail, Shouting "RUN AWAY!!"
"She's a Dog King Arthur it boys"
by Mullie beast February 13, 2009
When ramming your penis inside a woman's anus really fast and then pull out really slow like pulling out Excalibur from the stone
Dude last night me and my girl did anal and I gave her a King Arthur so if you see her walking funny then you know why.
by Seabass391 October 22, 2011
An Old guy that noone even remembers, even though he's been around longer than most. He really should post more.
KingArthur? Who's that?
by Skeeve22 April 07, 2003
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