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A road in North Wales that leads to the city of Bangor.
My girlfriend squealed with delight when I took her up the A55 to Bangor last night. There were huge mountains and a beautiful valley to drive around, but I decided to stick to the A55.
by dedlymonkey March 31, 2005
woman of south african origin.
a total bunny-boiling freak who wont stop phoning / emailing me even when I tell her to fuck off!
she also claims that we have been going out for six weeks although I only saw her twice.
Has absolutely no self respect and doesnt understand that 'I never want to talk to you again' means I never want to talk to you again'.
Me: Justin there is this fucking south african freak bird following me around.

Justin: Tell that yarpy to fuck off dude!
by dedlymonkey July 14, 2004
A fictional character that some very confused people like to believe is real and get all upset about.
The story of king arthur was invented by the english while they were busy kicking the crap out of the cultureless welsh.
for an example of how this effects people see the other definition
by dedlymonkey July 08, 2004

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