To be, Owned or Badly killed by some one with extreme skill.
DAAAMMMNNN Corn just got Kilt by White Chocolate.
by White Chocolate1337 August 19, 2008
To get extremely wasted.
"Yo man, this weekend I'm gonna get kilt as hell."
"Ahaha, hell, I been gettin' kilt all week."
by Cipnasty May 31, 2008
whack, lame, finished,over
yo u kilt
this class is kilt
by squeakersdgg January 30, 2008
lazy gamer jargon for killed
yeah i just kilt that noob
by miliardo November 04, 2006
gettin really fucked up
yo mayne all the weed we smoked n beer we drank got me kilt
by ... March 11, 2005
used when someone says something wrong or is tricked
Tracy: What time is it?
Susie: 9:30
Tracy: No it aint its 8:30
Tracy: O, kilt
by lauren April 03, 2005
getting extremely drunk
we're gonna get kilt tonite man
by chrissy laws June 20, 2003
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