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gettin really fucked up
yo mayne all the weed we smoked n beer we drank got me kilt
by ... March 11, 2005
used when someone says something wrong or is tricked
Tracy: What time is it?
Susie: 9:30
Tracy: No it aint its 8:30
Tracy: O, kilt
by lauren April 03, 2005
getting extremely drunk
we're gonna get kilt tonite man
by chrissy laws June 20, 2003
A man-skirt. Nothing but a normal skirt that Scottish men renamed a kilt so that they will not be called or considered panzies.
Dude, why are you wearing that kilt, seriously....
by Phil1237433 August 28, 2008
Traditional scottish dress that is worn by the Mack family on special occasions Ryan mack
St. patties day, or 6th grade graduation.
by pyroman6 April 02, 2005
an unbifurcated traditional garment worn by men of scottish heritage, consisting of many yards of one's family tartan (Tartan, as opposed to 'plaid,' which is a general term used to describe patterns some-what resembling tartan, but which have not been approved by the appropriate persons it's some lord of something or other as representative of a particular clan, or recognised group affiliated with scotland). also is a verb (to kilt), meaning 'to pleat in the manner of a kilt.' any-one referring to a kilt as a 'skirt' deserves to be severely maimed.
'my kilt provides a freedom of movement not available to conventional pansies - there's no sticking, and no need for readjustment here!'

(used by a woman who is pleating her skirt which, when made of the appropriate tartan, is referred-to as a 'kilted skirt') 'I wish this material would kilt properly.'
by seamus October 09, 2003
the word scottish people use to convince themselves that they are not transvestites.
its not a skirt, its a kilt!
by maxican't July 05, 2006