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The one friend in the group who has hairy, disgusting, hobbit-like feet
Gross Hobbs, put your shoes back on!
by Themantaco February 17, 2015
A copyrighted character from a series called Gashan no Arare. He is the guardian cat of a girl named Neko Roomaji, and helps her along in becoming a hero. He has a red-orange fur coat and blue eyes. He even speaks english, craziness.
Hobbs is sleeping happily on the couch. :D
by Su7e December 23, 2005
used for calling the place where you are sitting when you get up to do something.
"Dude, I called hobbs on that seat."
by Wes May February 22, 2008
Character in Neko's Chitai, Neko Roomaji's pet cat. He talks english which is pretty neat.
>:O >:O >:O >:O >:O >:O >:O Stop pressuring me >_<
by Sute April 25, 2005
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