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When something in a video game, mostly MMOs is hillarious and involves lots of killing.
Rofl, they kept comming at me but they were no match and all died trying it was killarious!
by Thebubbleboy March 18, 2008
Something that is so hilarious that it kills you.
I nearly pissed myself laughing when I watched Superbad. It was absolutely killarious!
by Linhwin March 01, 2009
something so funny, that you could die from it.
shit dude, when you blew up ur trailer, that was killarious!!
by bleh December 29, 2004
Something so humourous that laughing becomes a danger to your life.

Signs of this may include severe choking due to lack of ability to breathe and rolling on the floor in an uncontrollable manner.
It was so killarious that he nearly suffocated!
by zktsuki April 19, 2010
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