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Originally,kifla meant a kind of breakfast food made of dough.Nowadays, kifla is used as an adjective,used in Bulgaria,to describe a behavior,similar to fjortis in the Scandinavian countries.The regular kifla is a self-absorbed,slutty,over makeup-ed girl,usually in her early teens.The appearance consists usually of straightened,preferably extended hair with LOTS of volume,huge sunglasses covering half the face,lots of colorful and often ridiculous make-up and too revealing and tight clothes.The kifla behavior is not complete without consuming large quantities of alcohol (usually vodka),going to clubs everyday of the week and making out with at least 6 years older guys,driving the latest model car.Another must-do for the kiflas is taking TONS of pictures of themselves,usually in their underwear,against a mirror,in some ridiculous pose.Or in the Mall's restrooms.
I hate when a regular kifla is pretendiong to be a croissant.

-Man,that girl looks hot!
-She's probably some 13 year old kifla.
by Yo-16 January 24, 2009
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Kifla is originally a food made of dough, but higly insulting when used for a person. Means ugly, stupid, lam or whatever.
You are such a KIFLA !
by Lazz0 August 31, 2005

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