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kif..obtained from marijuana..you can achieve making or getting kif many of ways...expensive and cheap. there are many levels of kif. and many people kif different parts of the plant. some kif buds some the sugar leafs that are cut off before selling...kif is then used to lace your bowl, smoke plain, or to make different types of hash. one ways is by by putting it into a kif press...and boom hash..but don't get caught with kif..it is a big nono...it is a manufactured drug...think about it.
damn that kif really kicks me in the ass.
by pua December 19, 2004
51 39
TLA for Killing Is FUNdamental
KIF is a clan for the fps cod
Kif totally pwn'd
by Sir Cowchip May 11, 2004
8 21
is what forms the botom of the bird cage.
bird cage,as refered to one cleaning pot.the fine screenings at cleen up. Good Smoke
by hackel September 20, 2003
7 20
wierd alien in the tv series Futurama
kif is a freaky ass slime ball
by flayer June 03, 2003
21 38
see keef
do a line of kif, much better!
by Subeej March 31, 2003
3 20
(n): a gigantic mass of flesh of useless organic matter, a nub at life
(n): characterized by an overgrowth of cells, resulting in no possible movement
(v): to clog ungracefully, nullifying any possibility of movement
(v): to nub at life
(adj): nubbing at life
(adj): taking up three times the space of a regular human in terms of both length and width
I was late to class due to a kif being in the hallway

Time to stop kiffing around, fatty

You kiffed my toilet!

Boy: You''re moms so fat, she's a kif

Kif's so dense, he has his own gravity
by TJHSST June 22, 2006
90 108
mj and tobacco mixture smoked in tangiers,etc
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
11 29
1. Any shitty, leafy strain of non-hydroponic marijuana. Kif is usually only leaf with maybe some crownie heads and seeds thrown in.
2. Kif is therefore also used to describe anything that is shit, poor or disappointing. Describing 'bud'(in nugget form) as kif is saying it is shit, not leafy and non-hydro.
1. "You should be able to get a bag of kif for 1/4 the price of chronic bud."
2. "That was the kiffest party last night, man."
"Yeah, the music was kif."
"This bud we are smoking is pretty kif (shit)."
by Diego July 29, 2003
5 45