Flipping a large vehichle 180 degrees ending in a crash, usually with a car, boat, or skateboard. Often a result of reckless driving.
Dude dude you see that? He totally just Kiefered his car.
by Dirknath January 08, 2009
(n) a 24-inch rim; tribute to the popularity of the tv show 24 starring kiefer sutherland.

(adj)rolling on 24-inch rims
(n) my ride's sitting on kiefers.

(adj) my ride's kiefer.
by jon goteem January 19, 2006
also known as "the kiefer." this refers to the ass kicking ho slappin bitch straightening jack bauer (aka kiefer sutherland) from the greatest show ever created, 24. do not mess with him lest you get four bullets in your chest like nina. jeah.
kiefer: this is bauer.
almeida: yo jack, i got some damn fools causin trouble at the northwest side of alameida.
kiefer: jeah aiite ill cap those niggas like they aint nothin.
almeida: jeah fasho reefer
kiefer: hey watch yo self, we are on the job no pot references til after this day is OVER
almeida: ok kool time to go eff kim
kiefer: JEAH
by neilbauer May 12, 2005
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