a males main female, opposite of a jumpoff.
Nah son I didn't even hit the party last night just chilled with my kickback until like 3 in the morn.
by Demosthemostrealist April 21, 2006
when you are cuttinjg a piece of wood on a table saw and the board flys back.
Dude did you see that kickback that sam had, the board went like 20 feet!
by ucity July 14, 2008
get together to smoke n drink hella. everyone in the SACRA valley knows bout it, cuz there aint shit to do so we just have kikbacks everyday.
eh, vato you gon go to Leticia's kikback at 3. Heard there was gonna be hella smoke n she gots like 10 bottles.
by J March 27, 2005
Almost a mullet, but not quite. A mullet is classified as a kickback when the party in the back isn't quite big enough to be considered a party, so it is therefor considered a kickback...
Hey dude, look at that guy's mullet! It like the party in the back isn't that big so it's more like a kickback!
by LiLrAsCaL March 06, 2008
Noun: a synonym for party. Origin- probably North San Diego County, California.
There is going to be a sick kickback this weekend. Plural-Every time there are kickbacks at that house, they get rolled.
by lopestatus September 29, 2006
a party, usually involving a lot of drinking.
are you coming to the kickback tonight?
by Dionysus August 11, 2003
Eyal sitting alone masturbating to picture of Sweet Avital, cars, car parts, and other inanimate objects made of steel, carbon fiber, or aluminum.
"Hey guys, I'm having a kickback later...everyone come over!" ...and no one comes over.
by Kalman April 24, 2007

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