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1. Money paid generally to an official for covertly assisting an organization, individual, or initiative.

2. Recline, as in a reclining chair. "Kick back and put your feet up," which means "Relax!"
The congressman received a ten-percent kick back for supporting the legislation that would give the mining company exclusive rights to the region.
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005
71 69
1. Small party to get your perv on (seepervin) n meet a few hoes.
2. A place ur homeboys tell you their going cause they don't want u 2 show up @ the same party as them and get all the bitches.
1. I'm juss gna roll ovr 2 brandons 4 a kick back 2 nite.
2. Justin on tha phone with Tony,
Justin: ay tony u noe wer dem partys r poppin 2 nite?
Tony: naw. Wer juss gna kik it here @ a homeboys pad 4 a lil kick back, n I don't think no 1 else cud roll up 2 nite, his parents r here.
Justin: fuck you then
by JstnTym420 August 29, 2004
62 80
Mafia or underworld term for a percentage of a crew's earnings which is earmarked for the Boss or head of a Mafia Family. This involves money earned from an illegal business as well as protection/extortion rackets.
"Vinnie's gotta kick back 20 points of the racehorse racket to Don Alberto."
by Bob Hu November 14, 2004
34 54
The hick name of a small party often used in places like Tuscon, Arizona.
a: I'm at a kickback right now bro!!
B: just stop you're embarrassing yourself, it's a small party.
by Dan Fitzgerald-Nicholson July 31, 2011
66 94
being lazy to do a designated task
don't hire this fool, he kicks back all the time.
by jose cornejo August 17, 2005
14 42
To relax and or chill out after getting excited, upset or frustrated.
Friend #1 "I can't believe that I didn't get that girl's number."

Friend #2 "Dude, you need to kickback. It's not that serious!"
by BLKPhoenix856 July 14, 2008
40 70
a males main female, opposite of a jumpoff.
Nah son I didn't even hit the party last night just chilled with my kickback until like 3 in the morn.
by Demosthemostrealist April 21, 2006
24 61